Welcome to Global Partner Communications Calendar

This global calendar is intended to provide VMware partner-facing employees with an overview of the key communications and events geared toward engaging with and messaging to our partner community.

We encourage you to check here first before building your communication plans and share them with the Global Partner Communications team before finalizing. This is to ensure your messaging – whether it’s via emails, blogs, events, or other – does not conflict with another team’s agenda or priorities and so that it gets ample amplification through all our various communication vehicles.

Click here for log-in access to (and tips for) our Global Partner Marketing Calendar.

Have messaging to share? Marketing JIRA is the main content intake tool for submitting content to external (to partner) and internal (to partner-facing employees) standard comms vehicles such as newsletters, Partner Central, PBM Toolkit, and social media. Access the Global Partner Communications page on Vault for more detail.

Thank you for helping us achieve the overall goal, which is to create a good partner experience in the way in which we deliver our messaging and in turn, how our partners consume it.

--The Global Partner Communications Team

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